NDA Initiative holds 2 days Training sessions

15 September 2011

In 2008, the Neighborhood Development Activity (NDA) was launched by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) with USAID’s support. The activity actively involves local communities in the development of their neighborhoods by utilizing governmental resources, addressing local needs and by working with the government and corporate social responsibility programs.

Under the program, neighborhood leaders are elected by residents to form a Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET). The NET members volunteer their time to analyze the neighborhood’s current situation through a consultative process and propose priority projects as part of a long-term neighborhood development plan.

The Neighborhood Development Activity (NDA) phase 3 started with a two day training program for staff of the Local Community Development Department (LCDD) of ASEZA.

The first day of the training program focuses on a general review of the NDA and a Training Needs Assessment for LCDD staff. The program for the second day incorporates case studies and scenarios in support of this initiative.

Following the program’s success, ASEZA has allocated two buildings in the Royal Park in Aqaba as a permanent center for the NDA’s activities as an important step towards institutionalizing this leading initiative. In addition, ASEZA launched a special social development fund earmarked for neighborhood projects administered through the NDA.

The program’s success is an example of how citizens can be involved in the development of their communities and collectively initiate positive change. The Jordan River Foundation is the implementing partner for the initiative.