Aqaba Diving Association Clean-up campaign

21 July 2011
Diver collecting waste underwater


The Aqaba Divers Association (ADA) conducted an underwater cleanup campaign in collaboration with The Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS) and the Aqaba Marine Park, in the ​​South Beach within the boundaries of the protected area of ​​the Marine Park. 

Dive center members, volunteers and JREDS divers collected waste and removed fishing lines and nets that pollute the underwater environment and hinder the growth of corals. 

Abdullah Momani ADA President said: "The Association will be coordinating with the Marine Park and JREDS to do clean-up campaigns in order improve diving products and will work to protect corals and marine environment from direct pollution from visitors of the Marine Park"  

The Association will conduct awareness campaigns in schools and universities in the city of Aqaba, in addition to campaigns with companies and relevant official departments to improve the level of local awareness of the importance of maintaining the corals and the marine environment. 

The Aqaba Diving Association is a non-profit organization established to improve the level of services in diving tourism in Aqaba as well as to work to improve the marine environment in the Gulf of Aqaba. 

The Association was established under a grant from the Aqaba Community and Economic Development Program and is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.