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JOB VACANCY :IT Project Manager

17 March 2013

Vacancy in Aqaba


IT Project Manager


Post Ref No. (COM01/01)


The Aqaba Community and Economic Development (ACED II) Program is a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded program, benefiting the people and businesses of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). The ACED II Program seeks to recruit a Jordanian short-term IT Project Manager to be based in Aqaba for a period of 8 months. The Expert will work primarily to support an ACED II Program beneficiary in implementing a number of IT projects including, but not limited to: Oracle ERP and Public CRM.

Main responsibilities of the IT Project Manager

·          Manage the implementation of IT systems namely Oracle ERP and Public Sector CRM.

·          Monitor the quality of IT projects and ensure that the IT systems consultants abide by contractual deliverables and specified implementation timelines.

·          Develop an implementation plan for related IT projects that follows the subcontractors' implementation plans.

·          Build the capacity of relevant staff in terms of IT systems project management.

·          Develop SOWs and RFPs/RFTOPs, as needed.

·          Manage resources involved in the implementation of IT systems.


Education, Experience and Required Skills

·          University degree in IT, MIS, Business Administration and/or related field.

·          At least 10 years of professional working experience managing Oracle implementation projects.

·          Sound knowledge & previous experience in Oracle e-Business Suite Financials, HR, , specifically the R12 version.

·          Experience with system architecture, planning, design, implementation and development.

·          Oracle Certified Professional and PMP preferred.

·          Should have strong organizational, decision-making and time management skills.

·          Ability to document and produce complex reports in a clear and concise manner in Arabic and English.

·          Fluency in spoken and written English and Arabic.

·          Must be a Jordanian National.


Qualified applicants are required to visit our website ( to download the scope of work and submit their CV by email to for the assignment indicating the Post Ref. No. (Com01/01) in the email subject line. The deadline application is March 21, 2013, 16:00 Hrs. Only short listed applicants will be contacted.

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USAID funded Aqaba Community and Economic Development (ACED II) Program Launched

14 March 2013

The USAID funded ACED II project started its operations on February 27, 2013 and is planned to end in August 2014. The program will build on the activities that were launched under ACED I Project (2007-2012). The follow-on award will allow the project to provide additional support  to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and citizens of Aqaba with a comprehensive program that aims to strengthen the micro, small and medium-size enterprises, and relative sector associations, through providing tailored training courses, and funding the development of the specialized training centers to provide better trained professionals for the Aqaba market, and  to foster the continued and necessary economic growth in the Aqaba region.

ACED II is planning to support workforce related trainings, since this type of assistance provided new skills and knowledge to 1668 people during ACED I, and helped them to enhance their work experience and even gain new employment.


USAID-ACED II will continue to support projects that will enhance community development, such as the Neighbourhood Development Activity that included 11 active neighbourhoods and served 45,000 citizens. Moreover, the program will continue to work with Aqaba CSOs, to develop their capacity and enhance their services   in order to accomplish projects that fulfil the needs of the community, and hoping to build on the previous 88 projects that were successfully completed by the CSOs and the NDA.


Moreover, gender is a cross cutting component of the project which will ensure that both men women are equal recipients of the USAID funded ACED II project, by assessing and addressing the challenges and opportunities in workforce participation, status and income generation potential. 

New Horizons for the Syndicate of Mechanics

1 October 2012


Through the USAID/ACED Program’s technical assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the ACED program set to develop the capacicty of the Syndicate of Mechanical Professions in the light industrial "Herafiyah Area".

Initially there were many doubts wether the program could turn around the Syndicate, membership was at an all time low and there was uncertainty if the syndicate would be able to commit to the capacity building programs and have its members attend the trainings.

With USAID/ACED Program’s support, the Syndicate of Mechnics surpased all odds, attendnce at the Safety and Computer litracy trainings was superb, 25 members finished the computer training and received desktops at a graduation ceremony. In addition,  an exhibition was held in Herafiyah, were members displayed their products and services, such as carpentry, metal, kitchens and glass works. The exhibition was such a succes that it attracted large crowds from Aqaba who were impressed by the diversity and the qulaity of products offered. Some vendors were able to secure contracts, in addition to selling items during the exhibition.

Thanks to the training programs provided by the USAID/ACED program, the Syndicate of Mechanical Professions is making long strides towards enhancing its position in the Aqaba community, and as a result membership has increased by 50%.


The Syndicate of Mechanical Professions celebrates the graduation of its members

23 August 2012

On August 5, 2012 the Syndicate of Mechanics celebrated the graduation of its members who succeeded in the computer literacy training course, the 25 members also received desktops to help them develop their business and keep records and files.

And as a result of the training and commodities transfer program, the syndicate has a sufficient number of members to provide collective services including Health insurance for family of the syndicate's members. This achievement was a result of the technical and financial support provided from the USAID/ACED Program.

Fleet Management System Significantly Decreases ASEZA's Fuel Costs

26 June 2012

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) was spending considerable resources operating and maintaining its fleet of cars, buses and other vehicles. A continuous rise in fuel prices and little control by management over vehicles after official working hours became a challenge for ASEZA.

INITIATIVE: The USAID/ACED Program teamed up with ASEZA’s Fleet Operation Division to install a reliable and cost effective fleet management system. Tracking devices using a global positioning system (GPS) were installed in 283 vehicles and 30 buses. To manage the system, software and hardware were procured and installed. A new operating room was established at ASEZA for its vehicles and at the public transportation company for the buses.


RESULTS: Using car and trip reports generated by the system, the consumption of fuel has dropped significantly.

Since the introduction of the system, ASEZA’s fuel costs have been reduced by 52% after three months of installation compared to the same period a year earlier. Effectively, the payback period for the system is six months, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution to reduce fuel and maintenance costs of vehicles for the Jordanian government.

The system has not only significantly reduced operating costs of ASEZA's vehicles but management has also noticed that fewer traffic violations may take place as a result of the system. The trip reports assist ASEZA management in resolving traffic violations and disputes related to traffic tickets.