A Comprehensive Labor Market study is forecasting the Aqaba market

11 March 2010

A Comprehensive Labor Market study is forecasting the Aqaba market

Important and influential results are anticipated



The ACED Program is conducting a comprehensive study of the Aqaba Labor Market that aims to identify the gaps between projected labor demand by employers and the availability and qualifications of the local labor supply to meet demand.

The study will examine the capability and role of education and training institutions and other entities to meet that gap. It will consider implications for the academic initiatives of ASEZA, and government and donor-funded employment, education and training Initiatives. It will also define new market-driven specializations at colleges, universities and vocational training centers that can address labor demands of private sector employers in the context of best practices in the field.

The study grows out of a desire by the Local Community Development Directorate (LCDD) of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) to help prepare local jobseekers to benefit from emerging job opportunities in the zone, especially through scholarships for young people at local colleges and universities.  It was broadened to include a broad assessment of the labor market in addition to specific recommendations for ASEZA-supported scholarships.

So far the primary studies were completed and major characteristics of the ASEZ market have been identified. A special questionnaire was developed and a survey was conducted for a representative sample of 150 institutions and companies of the major Aqaba employers such as (ASEZA, ACT, The port Corporation, hotels, light and heavy industries, etc…) to forecast the demand, supply and expectations for the coming ten years.

The study is expected to be finished by early April. The results of this study are important to ASEZA, because a flexible and nimble labor market can enhance current and future development efforts.