What types of costs are not allowable under any grant type

The following costs are not allowable, reimbursable costs under any of the grant types mentioned above:

  • Creation of endowments (Note: financing of loan portfolios is not an endowment);
  • Any commodity which does not comply with, or which is not procured in a manner that compiles with, the USG/USAID commodity procurement procedures specified herein in annexes thereto; 
  • Any previous obligations by USAID to the beneficiary;
  • The bad debts of the beneficiary;
  • Fines imposed on the beneficiary;
  • Penalties imposed on the beneficiary;
  • Any expenses related to ceremonies, parties, and celebrations;
  • The purchase of any goods restricted and prohibited under USAID regulations such as alcoholic beverages;
  • The purchase of surveillance equipment, military equipment or arms whether new or surplus, police or law enforcement equipment, abortion equipment and services, weather modification equipment, luxury goods and gambling equipment;
  • The purchase of goods which have their origin in Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Iran and other countries or suppliers as may be identified by USAID’s consolidated list of debarred, suspended or ineligible sub-contractors especially those engaged in support of terrorist activities (these must be reported); and
  • Any expenses related to purchases or activities, which are illegal under Jordanian or U.S. law.